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Daily Activities

JUNE - 2019

June 14th 2019: Inaugural Mass for the new academic year was celebrated by Rev. Fr. Vijay in our school campus for classes VI-X.

June 12th 2019: School Reopens after the summer vacation. Special Assembly was held at 8:30 am. Principal Sr.Linda welcomed the staff, students, new sisters Sr. Lucy Rosario (Principal of St. Helen's School), Sr. Bridgit, Sr. Mary Joseph and new teachers. Half-Day school was up to 12:30 pm.

May - 2019

May 28th , 29th and 30th 2019: Seminar for Teachers I-X 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.

May 28 th 2019:: Staff returns after summer Vacation.

APRIAL - 2019

22 April 2019- 28th April 2019:Educational Tour: Our School is arranging for a 6 Days Tour to Gangtok, Darjeeling and Sikkim for a group of students accompanied by our Principal Sister Linda and 4 Staff Members.

April 05' 2019 : Summer Break.

MARCH - 2019

March 30' 2019 - April 04' 2019: Summative Assessment- 3 Exams commences.

March 23rd: Thanksgiving Eucharistic Celebration was celebrated grandly for the closing of School Academic Year was celebrated at St. Joseph's Cathedral by Father : Bala Showry & Father Sharath.

March 23rd: Special Farewell Assembly for Retired Staff: Ms.Vibha George & Ms.Vijaya Lakshmi was celebrated grandly at School Campus. Principal Sister Linda's Message followed by Cultural Programs: Dance and Song, Messages for Retired Staff: Ms.Vibha George & Ms.Vijaya was followed by Eucharistic Mass Celebrations at St. Joseph's cathedral

8th March 2019: Women's Day Special Assembly was celebrated and organized very well. The Guests of Honor were Mr. and Ms.Aarthi Ruth , Principal Sister Linda's Inspirational message was followed by Dance, Skit for the Staff & Students

3rd March 2019: Farewell Party For Class X commenced with the Prayer Service by the Class X teachers, Principal Sister Linda's Message, Words of Advice and Inspiration followed by the Cultural Programs, Awards of Excellence, Titles for Miss Rosary and Other titles were given and was followed by Lunch.


27th February 2019:Prayer Service and Holy Mass was celebrated for the outgoing students of Class X by Father Sharath in our school campus on account of their Board Exams and Good Wishes for their future endeavors.

16th Feb Workers Day Celebration :Workers Day celebrations commenced with the garlanding of Saint Joseph, patron of Workers by Principal Sister Linda, Sister and Worker member. Sister Linda led us in Prayer followed by Prayer song, Bible Reading and Cultural Programs. All the Workers were felicitated with cards and flowers. The Program concluded with a Vote of Thanks by Ms.Pushpa.

JANUARY - 2019

27th Jan Rose Annual Meet:ROSE (Rosary Old Students Entente) Day was celebrated on Jan 27th. The program commenced with the lighting of the lamp by Principal Sister Linda and the Rose members followed by Cultural Program and Games. Principal Sister Linda was honored by the Rose Members. The Program concluded with a Vote of Thanks by Ms. Mehnaz.

19th Jan BenFest:Benjamin Franklin Memorial Club (BFMC) conducted BenFest : The Festival was categorized in 3 categories: Literary, Creative and Cultural. Girls of classes VIII-X participated in BenFest Golden Jubilee Celebrations at Little Flowers High School and won prizes.

19th Jan Staff Picnic:On account of Staff Picnic the staff were taken to Lahari Resorts.

18th Jan Yellow House Day Yellow House Day is celebrated on account of Swami Vivekananda’s birthday. The Program commenced with the garlanding of the portrait by Principal Sister Linda, Prayer song, skit and song. Sister Linda gave a message and led us in prayer. Program was concluded with a Vote of Thanks by the Yellow House Vice Captain.

17th - 25th Jan Pre Final I Examination Pre Final I exams commenced for classes X.

12th Jan High School Annual Day Celebration:The 114th Annual Day Celebrations were held in the school premises for the High school: Classes VI to X. The Prayer song was followed by Welcome Song, Cultural programs and Skit. Program concluded with the Vote of Thanks and the National Anthem.

11th Jan Primary School Annual Day Celebration:The 114th Annual Day Celebrations were held in the school premises for the primary school: Classes I to V. The Prayer song was followed by Welcome Song, Cultural programs and Skit. Program concluded with the Vote of Thanks and the National Anthem.

4th Jan Eucharistic Celebration:Special Assembly was organized for classes VI- X on the occasion of New Year Eucharistic Celebration was held by Father Sharat.

2nd Jan Special Assembly:The New Year commenced with a Special Assembly conducted by the School Cabinet Members, Principal: Sister Linda's Message on the new year's theme: "Faith Fosters Hope" followed by Skit, Dance, Prayer Song and scriptures read by 3 different holy books.


21st Dec Christmas Celebration:Special Assembly and Rosary Reach out Program were organized on the occasion of Christmas Celebrations. The Prayer Service, Cultural programs were held and Prizes were given out for the CA Competition and Science Exhibition Winners.

15th Dec Grand Parents Day:Students of Class IX organized a special program on Occasion of Grand Parents Day. Principal Sister Linda's Message was followed by Cultural Programs, Games and Refreshments.

10th- 21st Dec FA-4 ExaminationFA IV exams commenced for classes X.

8th Dec Faith Fiesta:The Season Advent brings preparation, joy and excitement on the Birth of Baby Jesus Celebrated at Rosary Convent as Faith Fiesta.

5th Dec Class Picnic:High School Students of Classes : VIII to X where taken on a Class picnic to Hidden Castle.


27th Nov Children's Film Festival:On the Occasion of Children's Film Festival, Students of classes V & VI were taken to Ramakrishna Theatre for watching the film accompanied by their Class teachers.

26th Nov-4th Dec FA -III:FA III exams commenced for classes I- X.

22th Nov,Class Picnic:Primary Classes: III and IV were taken on a school Picnic to Pride Resorts.

20th Nov,Class Picnic:Primary Classes: I and II were taken on a school Picnic to N.T.R Gardens.

17 Nov,Blue House Celebration:Blue House Day celebrated as Blessed of the passion (Fidelity & Love). The Program commenced with the garlanding of the portrait by Principal Sister Linda, Prayer song, skit and song. Sister Linda gave a message and led us in prayer. Program was concluded with a Vote of Thanks by the Blue House Vice Captain.

14th Nov,Children's Day: Children's Day program was commenced with Prayer Service by our Principal: Sister Linda, followed by the Cultural program, Dance, Skit and Songs organized and conducted by our Principal & Teachers . The program was concluded by a DJ session for children .

OCTOBER - 2018

27th October 2018: Art & Craft Display held in School Music Hall was inaugurated at Principal Sr. Linda and Sr. Kochu, Conducted by Students from Classes : I to X under the guidance of their respective Arts & Crafts Teachers.

26th October 2018:Science and Robotics Exhibition held in School Auditorium was inaugurated by Principal Sr.Linda and Ms. Domingo. Conducted by Students from Classes : VI to X under the guidance of their respective Science Teachers.

26th October 2018: Green House Day celebrated as St. Francis of Assisi's Feast. Mrs. Vibha and Mrs.VijayaLakshmi (Senior Teacher's) were the Chief Guests. Portrait garlanded by Principal: Sr. Linda, Sr. Linda's Message followed by prayer, skit and songs depicting St. Francis's love for Animals and Nature were all performed by the teachers and students in charge for Classes VI- X in Morning Assembly.

25th October 2018:Letter Writing Competition: This was conducted by the Postal Department for classes V to X . Topic : "Letter to My Motherland"

22nd October 2018:Workshop was conducted for Children of Classes VI - X on How to Adopt Unique Learning Strategies and Secrets of Success by Mr. Rohith Vippu from the Mighty Minds Organization followed by an invitation to Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (7-9 pm) with their parents on 25th or 26th Oct'2018.

8th October 2018:Rosary Feast Day /Eucharisitc Day The Rosary Feast Day celebrated as Eucharistic Day commenced by the Holy Mass was Celebrated by Father Sundar Reddy for Catholic girls classes : 4-10, Attended by Principal Sister Linda and Staff Members in the school Auditorium.


7th Sep 2018 PRINCIPAL SR.LINDA'S BIRTHDAY: 7th Sept 2018 As is customary, our Principal's birthday was celebrated on 7' September with a special prayers, greetings, cake cutting, songs and dance by children at the morning assembly and staff in the evening after school with high tea for teachers.

5th Sep 2018 TEACHERS' DAY: 5th Sept 2018 The teacher's Day was very well organized and spreading from 8:20 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. made the staff feel honoured and special. Fr.Charles Kandula, director, Pastoral Centre and our FMM sisters garlanded the portrait of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan and spoke to our girls of classes IV-X. The cabinet members put up a cultural programme, led the prayers, organized fun games and entertained the staff. The management gave us refreshments, lunch and a gift! WOW! Thank you girls. Thank you sister.

Guides Camp: 1st and 2nd September A two-day training camp was organized for 30 girls by the six teachers- in-charge. A camp fire, the highlight of the camp and various competitions and games with rigorous training exercises made our girls brighter and smarter.

AUGUST - 2018

15 Aug 2018 INDEPENDENCE DAY: The class VII staff and students who were incharge selected the theme for Independence Day'18 that was "I love My Country Not Because It Is Great But, Because It Is My Own". The chief guest, Mr. Agha Mustafa (father of our Head girl) and the priests from the Cathedral and Pastoral Centre along with our FMM sisters hoisted the National Flag while children took the 'Pledge'. Prayers, speeches, March Past Inter House Competition, Mass Drill, songs and dances, refreshments for staff and sweets for children made it a very memorable event.

8th August 2018: The "WOW" Well Being out of Waste is a programme in collaboration with the MARI (Modern Architect for Rural India) and the G.H.M.C. (Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation) an NGO to make 'India Swach and Green'. To motivate school children they made it an Inter School and Inter Class Recycling Championship. Our School in collaboration with the personnel incharge conducted this on 8th August 2018 from 1p.m. onwards.
Children were given pamphlets a day earlier explaining the programme and were also given a big green cloth bag to bring waste like old notebooks, textbooks, newspapers, tetra packs, carry bags, chip covers , chocolate wrappers, plastic items and any kind of other dry waste from home. These were weighed on the 8th and they received new notebooks and other stationary in return according to the weightage. The appropriate value was Rs7/- per kg for dry waste. Students who contributed 5 kg and above received appreciation certificates. It was a gratifying to see our girls enthusiastically participate.

JULY - 2018

30TH AND 31ST July 2018: The ROSE - Rosary Old Students Entente organized a Medical Camp for Free Eye - Check up for our students and staff on the 30th and the 31st of July 2018. Children from classes II- VI were screened and if found with vision problems, given a card to visit the 'Dr. Swaroop Eye Hospital' where further investigations and support would be given free.

25th July 2018: The ROSE (Ex-students Alumni) Felicitated and honored 61 SSC toppers 2017-2018 who scored 9.5 and above in the presence of their parents. They were awarded a trophy and certificate at the morning assembly. The Principal, ROSE members and recipients shared their thoughts and gratitude among all.

17th July 2018: The Vanamohatsav (Festival of Lights) was celebrated on the 17th of July at a Special Assembly with Mr. Victor Jasty, an environmentalist, Mr. Narsingh Rao, Manager of Urban Biodiversity, our Principal -Sr. Linda gave motivating Speeches on the need to "GO GREEN" to save ourselves and our Mother Earth. They also planted saplings and advised our children to do the same, at least on their birthdays.

7th July 2018: Meeting with Parents of classes VIII-IX. Sr.Linda, Principal introduced and she spoke, teachers reiterated rules and regulations, Fee structures explained and suggestions of Parents noted down for future action if possible. New staff introduced by Sister and others introduced themselves.

4th July 2018: The Red House, Rani Lakshmi Bai House day was celebrated with good messages, prayer and songs by the teachers and students in charge. Classes I-X attended the same on the main grounds. Portrait garlanded by Principal.

JUNE - 2018

21st June 2018: International Yoga Day. "Namaste Yoga" Free Camp. 58 NCC Cadets participants- had prayers, warm ups and yogasanas organized by Mr. Rajeev, Ms. Vaishnavi and Ms. Vanaja.

Principal Sr. Linda. gave a message on taking charge of the school.

13th June 2018: Seminar for class IX by Revathi Bhavsha on self defense and Eve teasing.

2nd June 2018: Special Assembly for celebration of "Telangana Day". Hoisting of the flag and cultural programme.

1st June 2018: School reopens after the summer vacation. Special Assembly at 8:30 am. Half day school up to 12:30 pm for classes I-X.

MAY - 2018

31st May 2018: The new Principal Sr. Linda meets the Staff.

29th May 2018: Staff return after summer Vacation. Seminar for Teachers I-V from 8:30 am to 4 pm.